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Meet the Team


Mrs. Valarie Lanza is the Director of High Seas Fisheries and has served in this role since the inception of the Belize High Seas Fisheries Unit (BHSFU) in November of 2013.

Mrs. Lanza started her career in the maritime industry as a Registration Officer at the International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize (IMMARBE) more than 18 years ago and has worked in various capacities including Seafarer Officer and Manager of the Fishing Administration Department.  She has worked more than 13 years in the High Seas Fisheries sector and has been instrumental in the development and expansion of Belize’s high seas fisheries sector.

Mrs. Lanza’s appointment as Belize’s first Director of High Seas Fisheries in 2013 was largely due to her hard work, dedication and loyalty where she played a key role in revising and implementing new holistic fisheries legislation to enhance Belize’s management and control regime for its high seas fishing fleet in order to meet international standards.

Mrs. Lanza also holds a second office of Deputy Registrar of IMMARBE with special responsibilities for the Seafarers Department.  During her years, Mrs. Lanza has contributed significantly to the development and maintenance of the Quality Management Systems for the BHSFU and IMMARBE.  She has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise which spans the full range of operational functions of both the high seas fisheries and merchant shipping sectors; including: high seas fisheries management, customer service, accounting, administration, and legal familiarity, inter-alia.  Her work remains focused on strategic planning and policy development to effectively manage the evolving needs these industries.




Robert Robinson is the Deputy Director of the Belize High Seas Fisheries Unit (BHSFU) where he has served since its inception in November 2013.

Robert has worked in the High Seas Fisheries Industry for more than 7 years, joining the Fishing Administration Department of the International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize (IMMARBE) in June of 2010.  He has served in various capacities during his tenure with IMMARBE including Fisheries Liaison Officer, Compliance Officer and finally as Assistant Head of the Fishing Administration Department before the creation of the BHSFU.  Robert has held management and administrative positions in various industries including Entertainment, Finance, Education and Health; and has now chosen a career in Fisheries Management.  Having an academic background in science, management and maritime law, this career choice was the most suitable.  Robert ‘s work is focused on administration, policy development, vessel compliance, and representing Belize at annual and intersessional meetings for various Regional Fisheries Management Organizations.  He is also the coordinator of Belize’s National High Seas Observer and Inspection Programs; and serves as the focal point for communications with international organizations and bi-lateral and inter-agency cooperation.

Robert played a key role in the development of Belize’s current High Seas Fisheries Laws and Regulations; and has successfully negotiated and advised several key agreements that allows the effective and efficient operations of the BHSFU.  Robert aspires to continue working diligently in this Industry in order to bring it to a point where it offers meaningful economic growth and food security to Belize.



Ms. Delice Pinkard is the Senior Fisheries Officer of the Belize High Seas Fisheries Unit.  She is no stranger to the maritime and fisheries, having worked in the industry for more than 10 years  since joining the Fishing Administration Department of the International Merchant Registry of Belize (IMMARBE) as a Fisheries Officer in April of 2008.  Over the years, Delice has developed personally and professionally, gaining new skills and knowledge in the field of high seas fisheries management; and expanding her knowledge of international fisheries policy, compliance and enforcement and protection of the marine ecosystems.

When the BHSFU was commissioned in 2013, Delice’s expertise and dedication to her work led to her promotion as Senior Fisheries Officer.  This new post allowed her to further develop and enhance her career in fisheries management and governance.  As a Commissioner to several of the Regional Fisheries Management Organizations to which Belize are Members, Delice has gained invaluable international exposure and experience in this field.  Delice’s administrative role at the BHSFU enables her to provide guidance and knowledge to not only office personnel but also to vessel owners and agents.  Her knowledge and experience plays an important role in promoting dynamic ideas to further advance the mission and objectives of the BHSFU.

Delice’s primary responsibility in the Unit is to maintain a fully compliant fishing fleet through the granting of fishing licenses and the control of their activities.  She hopes to continue working to develop stronger measures for sustainability fisheries management at the BHSFU and thereby contribute to the accomplishment of the vision of the BHSFU to be a leader in high seas fisheries management.




Ernie Howe is a High Seas Fisheries Officer at the Belize High Seas Fisheries Unit (BHSFU) and has primary responsibility for the processing of certificates and authorizations.  He joined the BHSFU in June of 2017 and has undergone intensive training to be able to perform his duties and responsibilities.

Nonetheless, Ernie joined the BHSFU team with a wealth of professional experience, starting his professional career at an early age in the Tourism Industry as Purchasing Manager in one of Belize’s renowned hotels.  His career path later led him to the International Organization for Health in Agriculture (O.I.R.S.A) where he worked as the Finance Officer for a fisheries project being funded by the organization.  During this time Ernie worked closely with the Belize Fisheries Department and OSPESCA and played an important role in the implementation and success of the project.  Ernie was later appointed as Administrative Assistant in the Administration Department to oversee various projects.  His work in the administration of fisheries and aquaculture projects allowed him to gain familiarity with the operations of the Industry, and this contributed significantly to his knowledge of fisheries management and conservation.

Ernie enjoys the intricate nature of his work and hopes to continue learning and making a meaningful difference in the conservation and management of high seas fisheries in Belize.




Stanley Burgess is the newest member of the Belize High Seas Fisheries Unit (BHSFU).  He is a High Seas Fisheries Officer and has been assigned to the Fisheries Monitoring Center, thus giving him primary responsibility for the monitoring, control and surveillance of Belize’s high seas fishing fleet.

Stanley joins the BHSFU team with more than eight (8) years of professional experience in team leadership and management.  He has a working knowledge of coordinating the operations of a business and working with web based applications for monitoring and control to ensure compliance standards.  Stanley’s background in Quality Assurance is essential in ensuring that the FMC maintains its very important quality standards.  His ability to simultaneously supervise and monitoring several projects makes him a valuable addition to our team.

Stanley hopes to become an expert in vessel monitoring, control and surveillance in order to maintain optimal compliance of Belize’s high seas fleet fishing fleet with all national and international laws and regulations.