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Belize Ranked in Top 10

Belize Ranked As One Of The Top 10 Best Performing Countries In The Fight Against IUU Fishing

According to the 2019 IUU Fishing Index developed by Poseidon Aquatic Resources Management Limited and The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, Belize has been ranked 8th out of 152 coastal countries for their responsibility in the fight against IUU fishing with a score of 1.78 (1 being the best and 5 being the worse) in comparison to the world average of 2.29.

The Index quantifies the level to which States are exposed to and how effectively they combat IUU fishing. It allows countries to be benchmarked against each other, and assessed for their vulnerability, prevalence and response to IUU fishing. The score for each country is calculated based on a collection of 40 indicators and the source of these indicators are taken primarily from publicly available data on each country and the recommendation and opinions of leading experts in the field.

Given the overall world average score and the scores across all countries it is evident that the fight against IUU fishing remains a worldwide challenge. The publication of this index is an excellent initiative as it allows for countries to identify their weaknesses, challenges and vulnerabilities as it relates to the threat posed by IUU fishing and the actions needed to be taken to address this never-ending obstacle.

Download a copy of the report at the following link.