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Fisheries Monitoring Center


The Fisheries Monitoring Center (FMC) of Belize is established under the authority of the BHSFU. The FMC carries out monitoring and surveillance of all vessels equipped with a Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) that are operating on the high seas or within the jurisdictional areas of other States.

fmc1The FMC is responsible to closely monitor the activities of vessels from the date and time of entry to the date and time of exit for the following areas:

  1. any maritime areas where specific rules on access to waters and resources apply;
  2. the regulated areas of the regional fisheries management organization to which Belize is a party;
  3. the jurisdictional waters of another country;
  4. any other area, restricted or otherwise, which may be designated by Belize.


fmc2The FMC is responsible for the retention of all VMS data in a computer readable form for a period of at least five years. The FMC also acts as the designated competent authority for receipt of catch and effort data reporting.

The FMC operates on a 24 hour basis and may be contacted at: